En blogg om Stavanger Symfoniorkesters vei fra Kuppelhallen via Carnegie Hall i New York til Nytt Konserthus i Bjergsted


All about the films

While the rest of the movie business anxiously wait for the Oscars to be handed out sunday night, we´ve had a real fun week, playing three concerts with a program from the music of the films...

We even had some fun Superheroes appearing on our rehersals...

Happy Travels... 25 days left!


SSO on national TV

While the Orchestra played concert in Tysvær, the rest of the country could watch Stavanger Symphony Orchestra on national TV.

This week we are testing out 3D mapping at the concert hall, as a visuall effect to the filmconcert and music from Star Wars. As far as we know, its never been done similar before, so we are both proud and exited for this extra attention.

Watch it 10 minutes into the news: NRK KVELDSNYTT


This weekend some of the orchestras musicians performed the story "Peter & the Wolf" together with storyteller Nina Næsheim. 

We had three sold out shows, and we are sooo exited to see the enthusiasm from our youngest audience...


Four weeks to go...

In four weeks we will be on our way to New York. The orchestra plays 3 concerts in the US during the week long visit in march. We are all very exited about this, because this is the very first time Stavanger Symphony Orchestra performs at the legendary Carnegie Hall.



In 44 days, 21 hours and 36 minutes the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra plays concert at the Carnegie Hall, New York.
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