En blogg om Stavanger Symfoniorkesters vei fra Kuppelhallen via Carnegie Hall i New York til Nytt Konserthus i Bjergsted


Happy St. Patricks Day!

Noen av musikerne har allerede ankommet New York. 
Her er en liten rapport fra vår oboist Stacey Dixon fra New Zealand.

Its been a gorgeous day in New York today!
Glorious blue sky and very mild weather. After a hugely calorific breakfast, we wandered down to Fifth Avenue to watch the St Patricks Day Parade. New York claims to have the biggest and best in the world, and this year it is 250 years young! :) 
After some hotel room practice, we´re heading out 
to the Metropolitan Opera this evening for Mussorgsky´s Boris Godonov... 

Greetings from Stacey

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