En blogg om Stavanger Symfoniorkesters vei fra Kuppelhallen via Carnegie Hall i New York til Nytt Konserthus i Bjergsted


Paul Farr oppsummerer fturnéstarten

Paul Farr blogger om livet på USA-turné
A super journey to somewhere - I don't know where - in New York State. The grass is even whiter than in Stavanger. Come on! This is the first day of spring. Let's see some green.  No-one on the golf courses. It's a sunny Sunday and there are free places to play.
Great concert in a fine union college chapel. Things are sounding good but there was a bit too much reverb during the rehearsal, which changed quite dramatically when the, quite large, audience appeared.
The really bright and hot sun caused a bit of a problem with those of us at the back of the orchestra. It was a bit difficult to read the music when the rays shining through the church window were moving slowly across the paper.
Super ride back until we got into the city boundaries when the coach driver thought he was in a Formula 1 race!
Nice social dinner with some of the gang!
A new day now and sun shining on the music should not be a problem - it's pouring down!

It's good to get into the bus to escape the rain. Driving out towards our next concert venue the road changes colour to white - snow everywhere.
The road must have climbed quite high because then just as quickly as it came, it all disappeared.
Then we drive through little towns that could be Radiator Springs from film "Cars"!
The concert hall resembles the one the Blues Brothers played. Could be up to 1500 seats. - Nearly full at the concert. Quite a nice experience in the concert although the crowd were not as alive as yesterday, but they kept clapping - even between movements.
The bus driver seems to be going for the world  championship in dodge car racing today.
Fantastic views of the skyscrapers in the night mist.


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